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Since 1986, the principals of Sunstone Realty Advisors have acquired real estate assets with a combined value exceeding $1.24 billion. Sunstone's focus has been on targeting demographic and geographic growth trends in real estate markets. This focus has resulted in the acquisition of multi-family residential properties, elderly (congregate) care facilities, retail centres and industrial properties throughout North America.

Sunstone and its principals have earned a well deserved reputation for ethics and integrity. This excellent reputation, built over 21 years of successful investing, has allowed us to forge a unique and long term bond with our investors, operating partners and bankers.

We regard these relationships as a core asset. Sunstone strives to meet and exceed investors' expectations through dedication, commitment, attention to detail and an investment structure that completely aligns our interests with those of our investors.

When selecting a new real estate opportunity, every member of the Sunstone team becomes involved. Prior to investigating any specific property, our team focuses their due diligence efforts on market research to determine which product types or regional areas support favorable growth trends.

Those markets selected combine favorable demographics with superior economic and employment growth, generating greater income and capital appreciation for the properties we acquire. Sunstone continually monitors demographics and job creation, adjusting its focus for maximum income potential by exiting markets that have had significant growth and investing in other emerging regions.

With target markets and asset type selected, our extensive network of real estate professionals, property managers, brokers and advisors provides Sunstone with a selection of quality property investment opportunities.

Sunstone's mandate is to provide investors with solid assets that generate strong quarterly cash returns plus excellent growth in the property's value. To achieve this, our team looks to aggressively manage and creatively reposition the property, achieving increased occupancy and rental rates. At the same time, Sunstone negotiates the best financial structure, including favourable mortgage rates and terms to maximize equity returns.

In order to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of our properties, Sunstone works closely with local property managers. These managers are selected based on a competitive proposal process, with leading firms competing. Final selection is made based on cost, services offered and, most importantly, our comfort level in their dedication to improving our investment.

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