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U.S. Taxes

Unitholders of Sunstone U.S. Opportunity (No. 3) Realty Trust received a special distribution on October 31, 2014. Because a portion of that distribution was classified as capital gains in the eyes of the IRS (the American Internal Revenue Service), a withholding tax was applied to that portion of your distribution. By completing a U.S. tax return, you have the opportunity to apply to receive some of that withholding tax back in form of a U.S. tax refund.

Sunstone and KPMG created an online questionnaire to facilitate the creation of your U.S. tax slips (all unitholders) and U.S. tax return (if eligible). This online questionnaire was available from January 31st to March 31st, 2015.

The online questionnaire is no longer available.

Please contact us at 604-681-5959 if you have any questions or email info@sunstoneadvisors.com.

If you are in need of US tax slips for the 2014 tax year, please complete the following documents: Investor's Responsibility and Sunstone US Tax Form Information Request 2014 and return to info@sunstoneadvisors.com. Your US tax slips will be created weekly during the  month of April and then quarterly moving forwards. Submissions received by 3:00pm pacific time on the last business day of the quarter will be processed by the 15th of the following month.

Canadian Taxes

The 2016 T-3 tax slips for Sunstone U.S. Opportunity (No. 3) Realty Trust will be be issued by the participating brokerage firms. The deadline for mailing these slips is March 31, 2017.

If units are held in a registered account, no Canadian tax slips will be issued.

To obtain copies of your Canadian tax slips, please contact your financial advisor.

Please contact your financial advisor for tax information specific to you. The following table is for information purposes only.

In order to claim a foreign tax credit on a Canadian Tax Return for the capital gains paid in the United States, if eligible, unitholders require US tax slips and their US tax return.


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